Bunkers, Bombs and Big Data

Digital collaboration and cultural innovation to open up heritage collections in new, meaningful ways

Lizzy Jongma (1970) is Senior ICT project manager for the Dutch Network for War Collections WWII (NOB), a national network of heritage Institutions and portal site containing over 10 million WWII related and a biographical site containing resources about approx. 300.000 people. The NOB also works on Linked Open Data, Innovation in Digital Research Tools and hosts a CKAN open data repository for war resources.

Before this Lizzy worked at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam as Data (2011-2016). She worked on Open Access to the Rijksmuseum collections. Resulting in the Rijksmuseum API, Public Domain collections and Rijksstudio. She also worked on digitization of conservation research, collaboration with Europeana and Wikipedia and the development of digital Annotation tools.

Lizzy is member of the Europeana Member Council and frequently speaks about the importance of Open Data and Open Access.


Picture is taken by Anne Reitsma Photography