Effective Open Data & Soft: Knowledge Transfer that Boosts Computer Skills in the Americas

Keynote Speech on Monday, 27 April 2020, 5 pm

by Arturo Sánchez (CERN)

„Empowering People by Open Data“

…that is what CERN is doing by opening up their data. Arturo Sánchez will speak about the highest-energy particle-collision data ever released through open access. He will mostly explain how students, scholars and interested publics will be able to reproduce ATLAS physics results in a fully realistic manner. These computer skills empowers them and enriches their curriculum.

„The members of large High Energy Physics (HEP) collaborations come from all over the world. They understand that one significant challenge in teaching experimental HEP is the current location of many potential and valuable students and young researchers. In the case of ATLAS, many of its members come from Latin-American, Middle Eastern and Sub-Saharan countries. Also, they recognise the massive potential that the always-increasing university student population has regarding expanding this experimental field, not only concerning the fundamental physics but also the computing and Big Data analysis skills. For that reason, several outreach teams, which include ATLAS, IPPOG, CEVALE2VE members and many other researchers, have been developing and examining costless Open Source technologies to release data and to provide effective web-based and offline environments to run, produce, save and share HEP analysis. After several years, and with the help of other outreach programs like the Virtual Visits, ATLAS established an active community that is not just releasing knowledge, data and resources but genuinely training new physicists who are pursuing advanced studies in experimental HEP right now. We will present the resources, community, results and ideas that have emerged from these efforts.” Arturo Sánchez Pineda

His passionate talk will show to the audience that data can work as pictures: across cultures, boarders and languages data can connect individuals, institutions, programs and countries and improves their collaboration skills for more innovation globally.

This is why Arturo is the perfect keynote speaker for the opening of the (cultural) hackathon where we do exactly this: collective wisdom will be the power to explore the future of current challenges (by mixed reality)!


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