New Ways of Approaching Cultural Learning!

We are in the midst of a challenging time. Museums are closed and they have to experiment with new ways to bring their content to their visitors and users. This strengthens the turn to digital media for mediation of art and culture. But how can digital technologies be employed at their strengths for cultural learning? How can the physical space of an exhibition and digital information layers including interactions be conceptualized holistically? And how to not only re-mediate analogue mediation formats but create innovative and interesting experiences for the users, that not only meet their expectations, but move far beyond?

These and many similar questions are at the center of Fluxguide’s daily work – have a look at www.fluxguide.com. Their holistic approach to the whole concept of museum will support our participants during the hackathon. The expertise of Florian Wiencek is a very welcome guidance for new ways of thinking: What actually IS a museum and how is technology supporting the transformation into the new world?

Besides their work for clientssuch as museums, cultural institutions or tourism destinations Fluxguide is also focused on innovation and research projects, that put novel technologies into use within a museum setting. Please find more details about their current research on Fluxguide’s Websiteand in a recently published article.

Dr. Florian Wiencek is an expert on the interface of Digital Media and Cultural Learning. He currently works at Fluxguide in the areas of digital concepts, project management and R&D and participated amongst others as researcher in the innovation project HoloMuse. Moreover he is visiting lecturer at Danube University Krems in the Department of Image Science.
He published his PhD at Jacobs University Bremen, Germany on the topic of “Digital Mediation of Art and Culture” [accessible as Open Access publication at https://nbn-resolving.org/urn:nbn:de:gbv:579-opus-1008454], analyzing how digital media and digital data with their characteristics and affordances are currently employed in practices of mediation of art and culture and for cultural learning. Moreover he is interested in the creative (re-)use of digital heritage data for co-creative knowledge generation about and with art and culture together with the audience inside and outside of an exhibition or institution.

As musician and composer Florian Wiencek focuses on the work with field recordings and the creation of multilayered sonic spaces. From electro-acoustic live-performances to the use of sound for the creation of new mediation experiences for museums or cultural heritage institutions. (http://www.florianwiencek.com)