Exploring The Future of a Cultural Heritage

On the occasion of the upcoming opening of the exhibition „Wachau – Die Entdeckung eines Welterbes“ (Wachau   – the Discovery of a Cultural Heritage) in Krems on 16 May 2020 we try to explore the future of the 500 artefacts. How can the exhibition reach beyond the walls of the gallery? What do the inhabitants of the region have to add? How can the past help us to shape a better future?


We ask delicate questions in order to transform a normal art exhibition of art into a versatile experience for tourists, local residents and art lovers – of all age groups.  First, we ask the right question, then we decide on the appropriate method. We may get closer to our goal by enriching the GLAMdata with other data sets (e.g. mapping, tagging,etc.) and/or using the pictures as an extension of reality through the technical advantages of mixed reality.



We really appreciate our collaboration with the Province of Lower Austria as well as the Department of Culture and Arts and the Department of Science which we have shared since the beginning of the cultural hackathon OpenGLAMat in 2017. We are proud to present Kathrin Kratzer as a mentor of this year’s event. She has been responsible for the data of the NÖ Landessammlung (Collection of the Province of Lower Austria), especially the area of inventory, database maintenance and image management, since 2004. Since 2015, the art historian has been a scientific member of the DUK responsible for the reproduction of the collection.