KEYNOTE Cultural Hackathon 2023: Kairus – Sorting Data – Artistic Approaches to Datasets and Archives

(Photo by Kairus, CC BY 4.0)


Kairus consists of the duo Linda Kronman and Andreas Zingerle – now based in Graz – won the Outstanding Artist Award in 2023.

In their talk about “Sorting Data –artistic approaches to datasets and archives” the artist duo Kairus reflects on a selection of projects which involved working artistically with different datasets by: presenting critical insights on working with found footage recovered of hard drives from e-waste dumps in Ghana, addressing how an archive of fraudulent webpages became an artwork, and discussing artistic research which required a deep dive into the annotation practices of machine learning datasets. By shifting between approaches – recovering, visualizing, and annotating data – this talk reflects upon how creating artworks have informed their take on data and how they engage with datasets and archives.

Saturday,June 3, 2023, starting 12:00 pm: registration at