Open_Culture_Cast: Hacking_Culture_Lower_Austria in 3 parts now ready to listen! (only available in German)

Sometimes you sit between boxes and other stuff during lively conversations. And that’s just fine! The main thing is that the dialogue and the listening are right and that it is possible to approach each other.

Florian Wiencek and myself (Sylvia Petrovic-Majer) met with Peter Ludikovsky from /usr/space / Leobersdorf and Carola Berger from Segmentation Vault / St. Pölten at the end of October 2021 to get to the bottom of the vibrancy of hacking spaces in Lower Austria.

In three sequences, we not only dispelled misconceptions about the term, but also set out to trace historical developments and interpretations of the “hacker ethic”. In these three episodes, the two Lower Austrian Spaces show how differently “hacking” can be lived by explaining in the three conversations how social needs were responded to in different ways.

According to the different forms in which they came into being, on the one hand through an institutionally initiated foundation and on the other hand through activities initiated out of neighbourhood ideas, the characteristics are different. But I can already reveal one thing: they share one motivation: to establish change through innovation and collaboration and to have fun in the process!

As always, you can listen to our Open_Culture_Cast episodes on Soundcloud and wherever podcasts are available! (please note: only available in German)

Part 1: Hacking Culture in Lower Austria with guest Carola Berger from Segmentation Vault / St. Pölten: What are the current practices of “hacking” in Lower Austria? What is the genesis and what are the current challenges of a hacking space in the provincial capital?

Part 2: Hacking Culture in Lower Austria with guest Peter Ludikovsky from /usr/space in Leobersdorf: Where does the hacker movement come from? What does hacker ethics mean? How is “hacking” lived in Leobersdorf?

Part 3: Hacking Culture in Lower Austria with guests Carola Berger from Segmentation Vault / St. Pölten and Peter Ludikovsky from /usr/space / Leobersdorf: Hacking Spaces are great labs for future skills in a social and technical way. What is needed for the future of these labs?

The possibilities to connect to this community are much more far-reaching than we would assume. Get connected!

We would like to thank the Department of Culture of Lower Austria for their support, which has made it possible for these bottom-up initiatives to become visible.