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How can work in the arts and culture be rethought and redefined? What can data from cultural heritage do in other fields of work? What knowledge must be available for this?

The motto of the cultural hackathon 2021 follows on from previous developments in recent years and deals with questions and challenges between (open) data, cultural heritage and the digital transformation in work – not only in the field of art and culture. The connection to the craft industry and the creative industries in a broader sense is also particularly exciting. The subject of an abstracted loom accompanies this year’s event. How can these fields of work benefit from freely available data from the museums, galleries, libraries and archives and thus increase the economic relevance of the GLAMs? What role do GLAMs want to play in society in the future and how do they want to support society in its challenges in the coming decades?

Please take concentrated time during the two days of the ONLINE event on 28 and 29 October 2021 to make intensive use of the encounter with other participants. The cultural hackathon is not an event for “listening” or “popping in and out”, but rather we are creating a (digital) space together that enables deceleration for reflection and conversation in a protected atmosphere. Link and details will only be sent to registered participants.

Other options around the Kulturhackathon such as the Get-Together on 29 October 2021 in St. Pölten and the ONLINE presentation together with Coding da Vinci Rheinland (the cultural hackthon in Germany) may of course be freely attended by others, only the registration for this is also important to us.

We would like to thank the numerous supporters again this year! It is great how this event is supported by so many people and is also shaped by the mentors. These supporters and mentors will be featured in a number of blog posts and two podcast recordings of the Open_Culture_Cast, in the coming weeks, in which we would like to introduce some of them to you.

We would be pleased if all supporters, mentors and you would also help us to disseminate information and will be happy to make a range of  material on previous cultural hackathons and images of subjects freely available to you for this purpose.

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