Cultural Heritage 2.0 – 50 Open Educational Resources (OER) in preparation for the Hackathon

Do you want to dive into the field of digital cultural heritage or the application of digital humanities in the cultural sector before the hackathon? Then take a look at the collection of Open Educational Resources (OERs) from our cooperation partner at the University of Vienna or the results from the Erasmus+ funded project “Cultural Heritage 2.0”.


Especially during and after the pandemic, the pressure on cultural institutions to provide digital offers and mediation solutions is even stronger than before. They have become an integral part of every museum visitor journey and every overall cultural experience. However, smaller cultural institutions in particular face major challenges: be it the lack of human resources with knowledge in the field of digital mediation or the economic skills to develop contemporary business models for the cultural sector or to transform existing business models and the mindset of cultural institutions. The project aims to support this with student consultancy projects, among other things. For the preparation of these projects and as a thematic introduction to the topic of digital cultural heritage, open learning resources were developed by the project partners.

The OERs on topics such as “Introduction to digital humanities”, digital literacy for the cultural heritage sector, or dealing with postcolonial data are only a small glimpse of the diverse topics around digital cultural heritage that the collection of OERs covers. The short, easily scannable formats are an ideal introduction for anyone who wants to get to grips with digital cultural heritage and can also be freely reused. Have fun reading!


The hackathon is being held in cooperation with the University of Vienna as part of the Cultural Heritage 2.0 project. The Cultural Heritage 2.0 project supports cultural institutions in developing new solutions for digital transformation together with colleges and universities.

Link to the Cultural Heritag 2.0 OERs: https://culture2point0.eu/oers/