Open by Design

Think Open Data from the beginning and design a project accordingly!

The International Open Data Day 2023 (2 March 2023) was the occasion to write an article on the topic Contributions and challenges change through CC – Open Data as an invisible project leader in a guide. Following our project “SPUREN LESBAR MACHEN” (Making traces readable), experiences and conclusions drawn could be distilled into a summarising guide.

In addition, I am delighted to be Creative Commons certified, which only adds another area to our expertise!

Open Data is only one part of it, but the short article shows how important it is to take Open by Design seriously from the beginning and how certain hurdles in a project are much easier to overcome. It also shows how new paradigms can be introduced and the importance of keeping a community of practice alive to enable further development and reuse.

The article is reproduced in the guide (ONLY IN GERMAN) – here is a LINK to it.