Arthur Schnitzler@GLAMhack23

Arthur Schnitzler is one of Austria’s most internationally renowned writers and playwrights. Between 1980 and 2000, Arthur Schnitzler’s diary was published at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in 10 volumes. For the past five years, his professional correspondence has been published here digitally and the diary is now also available online. In the course of the work on the biographical Schnitzler sources, other digital publications were also created, including the reading list, the memoirs of his partner in the last decade of his life and more, all of which can be accessed via

The project is funded by the FWF and after the first three years was approved for another three years until 2024. The project leader is Martin Anton Müller at the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the current project collaborator since 2022 is Laura Untner.

Martin holds a doctorate in literature, has worked as a German teacher and art educator, and after making an index of Hermann Bahr’s more than 5,000 texts, he worked for a few years on the historical-critical edition of Arthur Schnitzler’s early works. Subsequently, the extensive documentation of the friendship between Bahr and Schnitzler was published as a book by Wallstein-Verlag and also online. The current project then emerged from this.