FlowGame @ICARUS

On May 4, 2023 I had the pleasure to host a workshop at the ICARUS Convention #30 in Sittard/NL.

Regarding the convention’s topic “Archives and Traces of Migration” and the topic of the workshop in particular we were working on a specific research question during a FLOW GAME:

What are the conditions for making data available to the public to support current issues related to migration?

As a group of five from Austria, Serbia, Germany and Portugal and with the special support of the FLOW GAME we approached our questioin from different point of views and in many different aspects: we lightened up our role within this question, the organizations backrounds, ecosystem and social challenges as we had to close the workshop with the following considerations:
What is our real purpose of our engagement in the current issues of migration?
How is empathy involved?
How can empathy effect our work … ?
How can we put open data into context of current issues?
-> Empathy as a purpose!

The workshop was just a start and has also given an idea how the FLOW GAME can be used as a strategic thinking tool and building consciousness inside a group to face complex issues. We enjoyed this powerful conversation and hope to find a way working togehter in the future.


by Sylvia Petrovic-Majer

All pictures © by Vic Hendriks